Our work with individuals and groups has a number of forms. Choose from single session assistance (our readings or alignments) to begin to get closer to your soul resonance, short-term support sessions, soul resonance retreats, workshops, and longer, more complete depth journeys into living in soul resonance (soul life / work life sessions). Each of these aspects of our work is described more fully below.

Sessions are held in person, by phone or skype. Retreats are held on the far south coast of NSW, also elsewhere by arrangement. Our fees vary depending on the arrangement and package.

We offer:

Soul resonance readings

A soul resonance reading is a really great introduction to the work that we provide. These readings shed light on your soul life, bringing more understanding, growth and self-healing to what is happening. They help you to be more connected to what is going on so that you can better relate toward this and be more in soul resonance.

When you have a reading our aim is to help you to see your life and direction more clearly. Usually people like to have a reading when feeling stuck, confused, in conflict, overwhelmed or not able to effectively deal with change or some kind of difficulty.

Having a soul resonance reading can also be a way of adding depth and value to your understanding of yourself and knowing how best to be with, process and nourish whatever seems to be trying to come more fully to life at this point in time.

We use our intuitive sense, the tarot, the runes and other forms of divination to provide you with a general reading or one where you might have specific questions or points of focus.

We conduct this work quietly on our own for you then report it to you later. We assist you then to integrate and be in a position to co-create further with your soul life from what we have shared.

Soul resonance alignments

We are frequently asked by individuals whether we would be prepared to assist them to see what is really going on in their soul life more clearly and even to work with their experience of a particular situation on their behalf on an inner level. Our soul resonance alignments have assisted these people in their self-healing process and often orient and ground them more fully within themselves and their lives.

In this directly intuitive and neo-shamanic work we use several key awareness practices to receive an overview and any insights into what is occurring in your soul life that may be relevant to your needs at the time. We become aware, from what we see and feel, how this seems to be impacting you personally, energetically and even practically.

Our presence to your soul life as intermediaries in this way deepens your psyche’s own actual interaction with the spiritual help that is available to you inwardly. As we assist this to happen we ‘see and experience interventions on your behalf’ that help realign your soul body and energy. We then provide assistance for you to be more empowered to resolve any presenting difficulties or soul loss experiences.

As with our readings we conduct this work quietly on our own for you then report it to you later. We assist you then to integrate and be in a position to co-create further with your soul life from what we have shared.

Initial soul care

Our initial soul care sessions are for those new to our soul resonance work who want some short-term assistance. This is usually just with one particular issue or life area, where things feel out of balance or challenging to deal with. Sometimes this beginning point also serves as a way to get a sense of what ongoing soul life sessions might be like for you.

The experience of these initial sessions often naturally connects with and flows into other life areas due to their relatedness and significance to each other. In this way an initial opening into the soul life sessions begins and unfolds organically.

Soul life sessions

Ongoing personal sessions are available for grassroots learning in how to progressively step into soul resonance in your life. These sessions focus on becoming more aware of your inner life, thereby enhancing your ability to ‘track’ and respond appropriately to your own process.

In soul life sessions you build your ability to access inner power and resources for your life from your own soul nature and spirit. This enables you to provide your own self-care toward any specific areas in your life that you wish.

In this more regular and committed arrangement your personal inner alchemy and the way of your soul becomes more apparent and accessible to you. Some aspects of ongoing soul life sessions may include finding your Self, soul resonance as an inner compass and self- healing path, the personal significance of the Paradisal Myth to your life, and the inner journey of soul recovery.

Work life sessions

For those who want to apply soul resonance to their work life situation and journey we provide regular sessions structured around your individual needs and goals. This work incorporates the focus outlined above for soul life sessions. However, it is also individually tailored to build your capacity for effective work life and business related outcomes. See our Business With Soul page for other relevant details.

We also provide a range of consulting and training services for those in the business sector. See our Business With Soul page for further details.

Soul life retreats

A retreat is a time and place set apart from everyday life and work. It’s a rite of passage, a ceremony of coming away from the ordinary and mundane, stepping into the lesser known and sacred, then a return with something that has been imparted, given or changed. The one who returns is not the same as the one who left in the first place. There has been some kind of transformation in the ground of one’s being.

Our retreats are a kind of sacred pilgrimage into the soul resonance of the Self through a connecting and partnering with nature. They are also a partnering with your inner self and soul life. The retreat that happens is in that inner place where your soul life, nature and Spirit meet. We also meet you there. We help you hold what you otherwise may not be able to see or hold by yourself.

Retreats have many possible purposes. If entered into in a sacred manner the retreat brings a deepening. Issues drop or dissolve in time with deepening, rather than through efforting to resolve them at the level of the problem. At the same time this is paradoxical, because these issues do need holding and care. We can help you to retreat with where you really are. In this way your retreat is sure to be real. It has lasting value. There has then been no splitting from what your soul life has genuinely required you to be with. And so you return having experienced whatever genuine initiation and renewal of your Spirit that was right for you.

When you contact us we can discuss how we can best hold your retreat.

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