Who is Soul Resonance for?

Water mandala

Your Soul Resonance

You can discover how to live more fully from your natural soul resonance. This involves becoming more aware of your own personal ways for being with, and caring for, your real, bodily felt, inner and eternal experiences of life. Most of us do not remember, or have not learnt, how to live in this more conscious way. So we can end up living less soulfully than is actually possible.

Your natural soul resonance is never entirely lost. It is still available to you once you learn how to reconnect with and live from your real Self more soulfully. We are here to help you to find and become empowered in your own unique ways of living closer to the care, guidance, healing and creative power of this alignment with your own deep nature and spirit. Then you can live more fully from your own soul resonance.

We are not interested in claiming to be experts on how anyone else should live. Instead we provide a quality space for enabling you to discover and follow what seems most relevant and supportive to you personally.

Common wonderings

People wishing to undertake soul resonance work often wonder things like the following:

  • I don’t know where I am in my life. I feel a sense of something missing. What could it be and what can I do?
  • What really is my path in life and how do I follow it?
  • How can I best design and recreate my life so that a sense of soulful abundance and success with soul is more natural and a reality for me?
  • How can I live a more fulfilled and Spirit-centered life or relationship?
  • If being fully alive requires the courage to live in tune with my deeper nature, how do I deal with my fears, vulnerabilities and the pain I have known?
  • How can I be sure I am integrating my experiences and not kidding myself with ‘defending’ or, worse still, ‘splitting’ in my awareness from something?
  • If ‘a loss of connection with an aspect of my soul life‘ is associated with dependencies, lack of self-worth and many other personal challenges, how can I recover and heal what seems to have been lost?
  • How can I be more in tune with nature, respectful of animal life, and be closer to the magic and power of the earth and cosmos?
Water mandala
Water mandala


Soul Resonance can be suitable for individuals in one or more of the following areas in life. Those who:

  • Wish to nourish and create their life and / or work from their own deep nature and spirit.
  • Are experiencing a stirring within the core of their being yet do not know what to attribute this to, how to understand it or support its care.
  • Want to live true to their sense of what really matters by becoming more in tune with their bodily wisdom, inner guidance, soul life and the call of Spirit.
  • Have come to a point where they see the necessity to companion and resolve any restrictive patterns, defences, dependencies, relational difficulties or other challenges in their life for self-healing and recovery.
  • Have experienced success in worldly terms yet still have a sense of something significant that is yet to be known or lived.
  • Want to create a more empowered and whole response in their lives and / or work toward our current societal, cultural, environmental and global situation.
  • Have experienced considerable disappointment, disillusionment and / or abuse as a result of relational, educational, social, political, corporate, personal development or spiritual frameworks, systems and structures.
  • Feel moved by the current conditions here on earth and see their purpose as being a contributor toward the paradigm shift where there is a deeper respect for all beings, sentient in their own nature.
  • Have a highly sensitive or ‘renegade soul’ that benefits most from a personal grassroots approach to learning in order to harness their giftedness and passion.
  • Know that it doesn’t take many to consciously awaken in order to birth the emergence of the paradisal paradigm and are committed in living toward this.

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