Your Personal Learning Journey

Personal learning of Soul Resonance is soulful, grassroots and organic by nature. The focus of our approach is to work with your own unfolding soul process. External learning demands are not placed over this. Instead we share our understandings of Soul Resonance with you and support your own experiences.

Our Shaman’s Path, Sage’s Way Workshop is available to individuals and groups from time to time and by arrangement. It provides an introduction to soul resonance, the self-formation of personal soul practices, and the importance of the paradisal myth. 

This workshop is one part of our Shaman’s Path, Sage’s Way Training. The training is a personal rite of passage into soulful living, soul abundance and success with soul. You will learn how to redesign and recreate your life and / or work-life in deeper resonance with your true Self and potential.

This is an eight-part program in how to design and recreate your outer life to be in tune with the inner alchemy of your soul and your spirit. All eight parts are also available as personal retreats or sessions.

  1. Soul recovery | soul resonance | soul life creation
  2. The soulful sage – shaman’s ground, sage’s knowing
  3. The powerful sage – shaman’s will, sage’s skill
  4. The magical sage – shaman’s world, sage’s creation
  5. Spirit of the sage – stepping through the shaman
  6. The vision of the sage – sacred inner alchemy
  7. The return of the sage – the soul of the world
  8. Sage abundance and success – essence, heaven and earth

Completion of the training leads to the award of the Shaman’s Path, Sage’s Way Certificate. Each aspect of the training will bring you closer to your own soulfulness and establishing all aspects of your life in alignment with the archetypes of the shaman and sage within. Contact us for further details.

We provide a Certificate of Soul Resonance Inner Work for those wanting to learn how to come closer to their soul life and spirit. The Certificate is awarded upon completion of the equivalent of one year of weekly sessions (and associated personal work) for those with a demonstrated care for Self and global issues. This certifies that you have undertaken an initial immersion in Soul Resonance inner work. Whilst the Certificate brings you into a deeper sense of your essence and how to be nourished by your soul it is not designed to enable you to use Soul Resonance professionally with others. An initial ten personal sessions is a prerequisite requirement to help ascertain suitability, your needs and aspirations.

It is possible to articulate from the Certificate into the Diploma of Soul Resonance Inner Work. Consideration for entry is based on the nature of your process within the Certificate. This additional year of Soul Resonance inner work deepens personal integration, resources you with greater proficiency in the alchemy of your soul life, and strengthens your connection and care from your Self toward all life and the soul of the world. The Diploma also focuses on more complete integration of your experiences in a way that promotes effective spiritual emergence. Upon completion the Diploma can serve as a foundation for those with relevant qualifications and /or experience to begin to apply their Soul Resonance learnings to their own work-related fields and endeavours.

The Diploma may lead to an agreed formally supported program of becoming a Provisional Soul Resonance Facilitator with others. This requires individual learning agreements and ongoing personal mentoring in providing soul resonance care. The Provisional Facilitator program is available to those with other relevant qualifications or experience who are committed to the Soul Resonance field and want to be supported to apply it wisely within their own work or endeavours.

Those wishing to extend their path beyond the Diploma level can apply for entry into our Advanced Diploma of Soul Resonance Inner Work. This two-year immersion deeply explores the personal, cultural, global and cosmic domains of Soul Resonance potentials. The Diploma helps you to address any challenges in birthing the states and consciousness of Paradisal Soul Resonance in your life. It facilitates alignment with the re-emergence of the sacred through activation of the Paradisal Myth within the Self. This empowers your own natural core contribution toward the retrieval of the soul of the world. The emphasis is on developing the archetypal neo-shaman, one who holds a state of being and resonance with nature and the divine, and a sacred inner alchemy for a new world.

It is not necessary to be eligible to become a Soul Resonance Facilitator to undertake the Advanced Diploma of Soul Resonance Inner Work. What is required is a strong and passionate commitment to live compassionately, addressing the personal and collective shadow that becomes more apparent amidst real awakening and conscious paradisal living. The Advanced Diploma is a co-requisite for those wishing to become a Certified Soul Resonance Facilitator.

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