Soul Resonance for Business


The soul of a business is the source of its inherent worth, basic goodness and whole success. We are artisans in enhancing the soul of business life and the quality of life at work. Our core purpose is to enable a fundamental shift in the way business relates with the soul of the world.

Key Qualities of Business With Soul

  • Dedication to the creative process
  • Clear identity and quality of purpose
  • Soulful business care and conduct
  • Meaningful goals and achievement
  • Personal and work-life wellbeing
  • Intrinsic business development
  • Integral and visionary leadership
  • Core value of business for the good of all
  • Practical integrity to a just and better world

Why soul resonance?

Mentoring, coaching and consulting services are commonplace in the business sector. Generally speaking, these services are typically justified on the basis that they ultimately facilitate the attainment of specific ego-centred goals and outcomes for the business.

In contrast we are in contact with a growing body of individuals and organisations holding broader and deeper aspirations for their work lives, businesses and the world. In particular, they view the inclusion of values, creative capacities and soulful business practice as fundamental.

Crafting the soul of business supports the emergence of this more balanced, whole and creatively committed orientation to life at work. We provide consultation and support that engages the capacity that leaders and organisations have for making powerful and innovative actions that can help shape a better world.

Part of our contribution in this area is the provision of training in the practice of resonating. Resonating is the metaskill of being consciously present with whole commitment to what is happening in the creative process of life, situations and interpersonal exchange. The application of this skill brings soul resonant consciousness. This state of being enables the individual to hold a more open yet contained experiential ground within oneself for the creative to emerge into awareness and to then be included.

Resonating allows the necessary space and orientation for inspiration, new insights and new actions to creatively form and be noticed. This metaskill promotes the lived experience of following or tracking the creative process. So it is a personal and conscious way of being highly competent, grounded and inspired in the workplace. The dedicated practice of this discipline as a way of being actualises a high quality of presence, engagement in flow, natural conflict resolution, pro-active solution building and creative innovation personally, interpersonally and beyond.


Why business with soul?

After it’s all said and done, business with soul feels good, is good for every soul, and leads to the experience of being conscious in business as a fulfilling way in life. Soul resonance leads to soul abundance. The earth has a soul. So do all places, people and the animals. So soul abundance cares for and promotes a better, more soulful world and future for all. That’s why we like partnering with those who value being part of the current evolutionary paradigm shift to business with soul.

Our provisions for individuals and business

  • Training in the soul resonance metaskill of resonating (see above).
  • Mentoring in the personal application of soul resonance to individual ways of being centered, grounded, clear, aware, empowered and interpersonally skilled, fulfilled and competent.
  • Instruction in how to be in high-level states of wellbeing and integral wholeness as an effective personal foundation for business life.
  • Core support in navigating one’s way through significant work / business changes, challenges and opportunities.
  • Skilling in understanding and relating with the nature of one’s deeper self and inner (soul) life, including the psyche’s relevance and contributing role toward guiding business directions and decisions.
  • Coaching in how being in nature and connecting with one’s inner spirit can serve as powerful allies and manifesting forces in business.
  • The provision of individually designed learning, coaching and consulting packages, including specific sessional, training and retreat services.
  • Strategic support and development opportunities for the resolution of specific difficulties and the more complete realisation of human / leadership potential.

“A visionary institution survives in the long term not by focusing on survival and survival techniques, but by an absolute investment in creating that which is utterly new and a dedication to mastering the creative process.” (Christopher Childs)

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