Understanding Soul Resonance

The Journey from Soul Loss into Soulfulness:

When you are in soul resonance you are in tune with your inner nature, depth and process (soul) and with the source, magic and mystery of life (spirit). Here you nourish and deepen in your ability to live from the creative power of your own soul life and spirit.

The soul resonance journey is a progressive work of personal soul recovery from soul loss into soulfulness and soulful living. This requires being able to integrate all of your experiences. It leads to a growing recognition, integration and restoring of any aspects of your self and life that you have previously disowned or disconnected from.

Soul loss is an experience of disconnection from your soulfulness and sense of self. As we heal and grow our symptoms of soul loss reduce in their frequency and severity. There may have been a sense of something missing, a loss of energy, or loss of self-worth, personal clarity or meaning. Other experiences may have been difficult emotions, unresolved relationship issues, unsettling body symptoms, or various dependent, addictive or harmful behaviours.

To become more soulful is healing, nourishing and self-empowering. It can awaken us to being an expression for grace in a world that has disowned and lost much of its soul. In states of soul recovery we become more able to stay true to who we really are and to what is right for us. We begin to find our way more easily in life again and care properly for ourselves. When in soul loss, however, even knowing what is true, real and matters most to us may have been weakened, distorted or lost. When this happens in a lot of people in a society the collective soul loss can lead to the breakdown of its basic goodness and the rise of harm. That’s how important the return to soulfulness is now for our whole health and world.

Loss of soul can run deep in many individual’s experiences of their upbringing, family lives, relationships, social groups, communications and culture. Soul loss tends to happen initially from experiences that hurt us emotionally in some way, then keeps on being passed on. To become more soulful in our lives we need to gain sufficient insight, will and personal power to address and transform its presence and effects. The inner work of soul resonance supports the formation of these personal qualities and skills. Living soulfully can then be a great contribution toward a better future for all.

The journey from soul loss to soulfulness brings a homecoming to our real Self, our integrating Centre of our being. We become more able to distinguish between this true Self and other influences within or around us that can be harming. These harming influences can be personal (such as self-inflation, narcissism, denial and fantasy beliefs), relational (such as codependency) or negative shadow and archetypal forces (effecting our perceptions, recreating trauma or destroying nature, quality of life and all that has soul). The choice between consciously living from our true Self or being unconsciously under negative influences and forces needs to be made.

Soul resonance leads toward ‘integral wholeness’ – living and forming life from the inner alchemy of our own soul and spirit physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. We come to know how to ‘be’, we more regularly intuitively sense, ‘see’ and ‘know’ what is really happening, and we become more proficient in navigating our inner space and the thresholds of our outer life.

Soul Resonance as an Emerging Field


  • Applies an approach that is soulfully relational, conversational and experiential. Soul Resonance inner work is primarily somatic, Jungian, neo-shamanic and integral in its traditional forms of orientation.
  • Attends to the core heroic journey from soul loss to soul recovery, resilience, then soul-centered living.
  • Recognises the need to care for our human sensitivity and real vulnerability to enable the growth that allows for our deeper potentials.
  • Understands that the harm of the soul is an intrinsic part of the current human condition. As children most of us experienced some form, or many forms, of soul wounding. Even as adults we live in a culture that has largely lost recognition and care of its soul.
  • Acknowledges that all of life’s experiences must be consciously cared for and integrated. In soul resonance work real self-healing includes appropriate care and processing of any form of disconnection or suffering.
  • Facilitates the natural unfolding of each individual as a multi-dimensional being. The awakening of the Self is seen as inseparable from care and compassion for our Earth.
  • Supports each person in recognising and rekindling their own unique and nourishing ways of being with, and creatively living, their inner life and path.
  • Fosters a conscious recognition and re-emergence, from within the psyche, of one’s own intrinsic ancient ways of knowing and the Paradisal Myth.


The Paradisal Myth of a lost golden age of peace and harmony is virtually universal across all times and cultures here on Earth. Modern understandings support the view that this paradisal age was once real. It seems that the human psyche is intrinsically wired with this inner alchemy and the longing for our lost sacred home. In Soul Resonance work we have found that even today the Paradisal Myth still guides the way of Self-aware souls. To them this central myth of paradise is like an inner call to find and recover something they sense they are missing.

In these challenging times many of us wish we could just ‘go home’. Some of us recognise this longing to also be a calling into humanity’s prospective future. Being in soul resonance in our world actually means taking our first steps toward making a conscious ‘return home’ to a long forgotten paradisal heaven on Earth. This lost way and world was once a place of deep and sacred relatedness with oneself, each other, the animals, all of nature, the cosmos and the whole of existence. It is imprinted in the power of our souls and our connection with spirit. We are wired in the depths of our being for this homecoming.

We live in a world in desperate need of regeneration beyond the confusion, trauma, control, manipulation, exploitation and harms of soul loss. The inner psychic split between our soul wounding and soul resonant nature can be very challenging to acknowledge and address. Soul Resonance work offers a profound care and integration of this split in our psyche between our false self and our true paradisal Self and nature.

Jung’s (and others) nature writings attest to the view that our Earth has a soul. As you live more in tune with the alchemy of your soul life you become part of a growing global soul resonant renaissance, a new and emerging consciousness here on Earth. Living in soul resonance attunes you to being progressively more in harmony with the homecoming path of the Paradise Myth through your own soul life.

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